My guest: Els de Maeijer

Els studies language. But that summary would not do justice to a full PhD with the subtitle “Languaging in industry-academia collaborations”. The main title is “Open Innovation Dynamics”, which characterizes Els’ PhD research at the universities of Eindhoven and Antwerp.

Els de Maeijer has an MA in Linguistics and Literature at the University of Antwerp, she studied International Politics and works since 2010 at Fontys University of Applied Science, Industrial Engineering, Education and Management.

Her research is about open innovation, based on the assumption that critical knowledge for innovation resides often outside the borders of your organization. So collaboration with external entities – or in this case between Academia and Industry – is vital.

In this episode of Clarity in Conversations, I talk with Els about her research, but also about her teaching to students at Fontys University of Applied Science.

Of course the episode ends with practical tips. Read more about Els de Maeijer at the website of Fontys or follow her on twitter.

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