Making Difficult Conversations Less Hard

We often talk about ‘difficult conversations”, but maybe ‘difficult’ is not the right words. When we should speak to a co-worker about a mistake she made. When we want to give our boss some negative feedback. When we need to resolve a conflict with a rather assertive person. In all these situations we feel uncomfortable and for that reason speak about ‘difficult conversations’.

In this episode I speak with Scott Miller, Executive Vice President of Franklin Covey, and author of the book Management Mess to Leadership Success, 30 challenges to become the leader you would follow. Scott has a 23-year career at Franklin Covey, and studied effective leadership consistently during that time. His book is very clear, to-the-point, outspoken, no-nonsense and practical. Reason enough to invite Scott in Clarity in Conversations to speak about ‘difficult conversations’.

Scott will give examples of his own “Management Messes” and how he learned from these to become an effective leader. In several role-plays he gives examples of difficult conversations, and the various techniques you can use to make these less difficult. Next to a lot of practical advice, Scott has valuable lessons about promotions into leadership positions, and how we are often insufficiently prepared for such a move.

I reflect back on the dialogue with Els de Maeijer, researcher Communication and Innovation at Fontys University of Applied Science in The Netherlands. Els reflects on the various role-plays Scott included, and how this left her with many questions she would love to ask Scott. Like every week, the podcast ends with 3 practical tips to enhance the Clarity of your Conversations, in the office and at home.

For more information about Scott Miller, check the Franklin Covey website. More information about the book Management Mess to Leadership Success can be found here.

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