Clear Conversations in Aviation

In the airline industry, clear conversations are vital. One mistake, and people can lose their lives. Pilots learn communication protocols that are strictly reinforced: anything is done to reduce ambiguity and unclarity to an absolute minimum.

I speak with Dr. Steven Mark Sachs. Dr. Sachs has a doctorate in Education from Nova Southeastern University in Florida, and holds a Masters in Psychology from California State University. He has taught business communication, and was Chair of the Business Department at LA Trade-Technical College. Dr. Sachs also is a certified instructor and pilot by the Federal Aviation Association in the US, and has published many articles about communication in aviation.

In the airline industry, the specific context dictates the strict rule for communication, and these rules cannot directly be transferred to offices around the work. Nevertheless, there are many lessons we can learn in the business world from the Aviation Industry. These lessons are discussed in this podcast episode. I also speak with Els de Maeijer, researcher Communication and Innovation at Fontys University of Applied Science in The Netherlands, who reflects on each episode and puts these lessons in context. The podcast ends with practical tips to enhance the clarity of your conversations, in the office and at home.

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