Increasing your Impact!

Already twelve years ago, I started giving trainings and workshops with Jessica Godijn. We give these influencing skills and personal effectiveness trainings in several companies, like NXP, TMC, Philips, Omron and several other clients. End of last year we spent some time evaluating the past twelve years, and find out what we learned from the experience. Because even when something is very successful, it’s healthy to step back  and reflect how you would set it up if you had to start all over again.

We concluded we would not change too many things, as we did so already over the last 12 years. Every training is slightly better than the previous one, as we take little new insights and use these the next event. We love the experience every single event: a new group comes in, not knowing what to expect, and two days later people leave with new insights, practical tips and occasionally life-changing lessons. Not because we taught them though: we only facilitate the discovery of the strengths that are already present, and that can be used more to your advantage.

The responses from companies we work for are always positive. This is not to say we cannot improve, but what we do well apparently is keep the workshops very practical. And often very small changes to your mindset and behaviour can make big changes in the impact you have on others.

It’s great to realise after 12 years that we once started with the observation that we had similar thoughts and ideas about high-impact training. Today we know that often we think and act differently and have very different ideas about training. This diversity – the differences in our characters and way-of-working – is of value to participants in our programs.

Great insights, but what do we want to do with this?

Not start our own company and revolutionise the training and development market. Not show that we are better than others, because we are not. We basically want to continue with what we do and become even better at it in the coming years. The few trainings we worked out in detail are ready to be of value to more companies, so we’ve set ourselves the target to introduce these programs to 3 more companies during 2018. And 3 is enough, as both of us continue to do individually what we love: coaching and personal development (Jessica) and intercultural cooperation & communication and diversity (Frank).

Some themes always return in our trainings, and we made these the basis for the 3 programs we offer to in-company groups:

  1. Increasing Your Impact (Increasing Your Impact_2018-2020)
  2. Focus and Productivity (Focus and Productivity_2018-2020)
  3. Getting Results without Authority (Getting Results Without Authority_2018-2020)

If you want to know more, please contact us. We’ll send you the brochures. And we’d like to meet you personally, to ask you questions and to tell about our approach to personal leadership.

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