The Turkish business culture is fascinating

A country located on two continents, with modern and traditional, western and eastern values driving the behaviors of your Turkish clients, colleagues, partners or suppliers.

We wrote an extensive article which provides an overview of the main cultural characteristics you should be aware of when working with – or trading with – Turkish counterparts.

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    Deniz Kayadelen

    a M.Sc. Business Psychologist, is a multicultural person of Turkish descent who was born and raised in Germany and lived for 10 years in Istanbul, Turkey. Deniz lived in more in 4 countries (Germany, Turkey, South Africa, UK, Czech Republic), wrote the book “German expats in Turkey”, is currently working in Zürich as a Senior Manager at EY and is the Founder of the company “Out of Comfort Zone”. More information on Deniz’ website.

    Frank Garten

    is author of 3 books on cross-cultural cooperation (in English: The International Manager and Managing Through a Mirror). He provides lectures, public speaking and workshops across the globe. Frank is passionate about helping individuals and teams in their cross-cultural collaboration and teaches these topics in short and focused workshops (in-person and online).