I’m Frank Garten

I am a Netherlands-based facilitator,
speaker and consultant, fascinated by
improving the clarity of conversations.

Who I am

Obtaining my PhD in Physics and Chemistry in 1996 taught me that any problem – technical or human – can be solved, with the right mindset and attitude. I started working for Philips. My career developed from technical functions into international commercial roles, to general management with responsibility for a 57m Eur revenue division and later to Human Resources Management.

Through all these steps, I learned things that I would do much better if I were to do it again. These insights form the basis of today’s work. The most impactful leaders I have seen are the ones who were able to bring clarity in conversations. These days I specialize in these techniques.

What I do

In my daily work I help professionals to become stronger, more effective and achieve optimal results through meaningful dialogue. Just like I built up my career on a strong start in science, I like to base my work today on solid insights and well-proven methods. I understand, simplify and define practical solutions. I am able to rapidly build up trust in groups such that we can speak about meaningful things. I challenge and confront, with an empathetic smile and a results-oriented mindset.

My work is balanced with other interests such as active outdoor sports, wine tasting and learning about wine (I became a viticulturist in 2017) and reading books on personal development. I live in Utrecht with my wife, Christelle, and our two sons, Kilian and Corentin.


Here are the organizations and individual professionals with whom I love to work. Because of the huge professional added value. Because there is personal learning and friendship.

Hult Ashridge Executive Education is the leading UK business school for Leadership and Management Training, based on the latest insights obtained from in-house leading-edge research. Being part of Ashridge faculty is inspiring, thought-provoking and a source of continuous professional development for me.

A-Speakers contracts my international keynotes and lectures. Part of Athenas Speakers Bureaus, A-Speakers has offices across the world and books effective and engaging speakers for keynotes, in-company events and parties.

Jessica Godijn Human Development. Where personal friendship and professionalism go hand-in-hand since the days we worked together at Philips. In team facilitation and personal leadership workshops, I often team up with Jessica. Our differences are our strength in in-depth trainings such as Focus on Influence, Effective Influencing and Getting Results without Authority.

Cultural Mixology (Jamie Gelbtuch) is a New York-based consultancy and training organization I love to work with. Our insights and views on cross-cultural training are so similar we started writing business articles together, and now strengthen each other’s activities on both sides of the Atlantic.

The Insight Out Partnership is a UK-based consultancy, led by David Briggs. The Collaboration Game is their flagship business simulation, which teaches (virtual) business teams to promote collaboration across internal businesses and departments.

Speakers Academy is my intermediate for keynotes and lectures in The Netherlands. ‘Bringing knowledge to the world’ is their mission and that fits me well. Speakers Academy is leading the Dutch speakers market, as an active agency that always books the right speaker for your event.