I’m Frank Garten

I help teams to discuss the
undiscussable and improve the quality of their

Do you recognize any of these?

All these situations have one thing in common. People communicate, but do not say what needs to be said. There are unspoken thoughts and feelings that get in the way of the results. People are not clear in their conversations. It is time for your team to discuss the undiscussable. I can help. Schedule a short introduction chat.

“My team consists mainly of technical specialists, who say what they think. Our back-office in India is often shocked that they are so rude and direct. I wish people would be a bit more sensitive and think before they speak.”

“I miss sharp dialogue in the team. The atmosphere is really nice and all are happy here, but we do not confront each other in the team. Nobody gets really critical, and conflict is avoided as much as possible. This is not good.”

“I see culture clashes all the time. Communication is by email, and there is so much misunderstandings. Questions do not get answered, mails are vague, the cc-list keeps expanding but the issues do not get resolved.”

“There is conflict. Not openly, but it’s there all the time. Some of the guys are very dominant, and others shut up to avoid another fight. They feel threatened and do not cooperate well. Not with each other, not with the outside world.”

Collaboration with people who are different from you is a challenge. Your brain quickly identifies somebody who is different as a threat and responds defensively. Diversity at work only pays off when we’re able to suppress the defensive response and have high-quality conversations with others who differ from us.

Differences exist between departments, organizations and cultures. And between organizational silos. Not to forget our personality differences. Bridging these gaps relies on high-quality communication. Clear dialogues in which we say what needs to be said. Where we speak clearly, listen intently and build meaningful connections with others.


In a keynote during your company event, team workshop or congress, I talk about

  • Clarity in conversations. Discuss the Undiscussable.
  • Diversity. We say we want it. But we act against it.
  • Cross-cultural negotiation. How to bridge differences when a lot is at stake.
  • Making virtual team meetings work. Get rid of the frustrations we create for others.
  • Diversity and Inclusion. The numbers don’t matter. Your behavior does.

My lectures are short, focused and interactive. Well-researched content is presented in an engaging and fun way, always based on scientifically underpinned insights. Short, concise and to-the-point. Full of practical tips for application the next morning at work.

2 Workshops

I provide short, focused workshops:

  • Business Culture (of China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, USA, France, Germany, Finland, Sweden)
  • Business Cultures of the World (from a China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, USA, France, Germany, Finland, Sweden perspective)
  • (Virtual) Collaboration across Cultures
  • Clarity in Conversation and Dialogue
  • Team in Conflict
  • Focus on Influence and Getting Results without Authority
  • How to Have a Good Day
  • How to Master Challenging Conversations

My workshops are highly interactive, content-rich and fun. Rather than transfer of knowledge, I provide people with insight and challenge them to think differently. I simplify what others often perceive as complex, and hold a mirror in front of participants, to make them aware of the effect they have on others.

3 Team facilitation

I work with teams where the professional interaction is not optimal. Occasionally I work with teams where the professional interaction sucks. These can be management teams, cross-cultural project teams or departments/groups.

I create a climate of trust, where everybody is challenged to say what they normally wouldn’t say. Discussing the undiscussable. By acknowledging that this is uncomfortable, we make it safe to discuss what divides us. We often sharpen the disagreement, as we realize that we can effectively work with disagreements if we trust each other and can speak openly.

Team interventions do not follow a standard protocol. With the team leader (and members of the team), I make a plan to create a trustful environment for tensions to surface. The work with the team centers around methods for open conversation and dialogue. There is nothing ‘soft’ about this: I ensure full focus on the business objectives to be achieved.